Benefits and nutritional value

Medical benefits and nutritional value

Walnut is often called ‘tree of life’, as it has been feeding, recreating and curing since long ago. This sort of nuts may be the most unique and the most striking flora representative, in which all the components have high biological active properties. The nutritional value of walnuts can be compared with dairy butter, milk or even meat.

Medical benefits of walnuts are known in folk medicine long ago. Medicine produced from this plant has very valuable assets. Leaves, husk and shell are used in cosmetology, dermatology (oil is used in case of skin diseases) and stomatology (in case of gum care). People were familiar to medical benefits of walnuts hundreds of years ago and used them as disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic remedy that can heal the wounds. Partitions and kernels of these nuts were used in case of thyroid gland diseases (cause of the highest iodine concentration in them). Walnuts are recommended to people who suffer from pancreatic diabetes cause of reduced content of sugar and starch.

Walnut kernels are rich in fat – up to 77%, protein – up to 20% and carbohydrates – up to 7%. Walnut also provides general restorative influence on our organism, as it contains a lot of vitamins A, B, C, PP, carotene, iron, cobalt, magnesium and potassium. Such a rich vitamins composition makes it possible for people to restore mental and physical faculties, improve their mood and raise attention concentration. By their sophisticated shape kernels remind us human brain. Medical benefits of walnuts have a positive influence on our mental activity.

But the main benefit of this nut consists in the unique vegetable fat that is easily digestible. Cholesterol, that is dangerous in its savings and excess in liver and vessels, is absent in walnuts. Furthermore, the unique properties of walnut can reduce the level of its content in our organism.

People can be surprised not only by walnut variety of health benefits but at the same time by its high caloric value: walnut calorie content is twice as high as in white bread, and one kilogram of walnut kernels can be compared with one kilogram of good beef. 100 grams of this product contain 680 kilocalories. This is one of the most delicious natural medical remedy, which the nature can give us. It is interesting to know, that the separate part of this valuable plant (kernels, leaves, shell and skin) is full of nutrients and vitamins in its own way. The walnut benefit makes it an essential product in nutrition of people of every sex and age. The walnut leaves are enriched with vitamin C. Furthermore, they contain a lot of carotene, vitamin B, tanning agents, juglone. The last one is the substance which has a powerful bactericidal effect. Leave tincture is frequently used for oral rinsing in case of various inflammatory diseases, for metabolism improvement and general strengthening of our health.

Nutritionists affirm that walnut is exceptionally valuable food stuff.  It contains a lot of healthy substances. Walnut fat is especially useful for our organism as it is enriched with unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, alpha-linolenic and oleic). Specialists assert that those acids are of great importance for atherosclerosis prevention.

By its content of protein substances these nuts can be compared with fish, meat and some dairy products. They are rich in a lot of essential amino acids, and by its composition the walnut protein takes one of the first places among the vegetable products.  Its kernels contain about 20% of vegetable protein. Doctors affirm that walnut proteins are not worse than animal proteins by their value.

These nuts also content a lot of minerals – potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron as well as microelements which are a part of various enzymes. Furthermore, those enzymes affect metabolic processes and take part in sanguification. Walnuts are much better than a lot of other vegetable products by iodine and zinc content. That is why these nuts are very useful for everyone – children and adults, healthy and sick people. Doctors recommend taking nuts, combining them with honey during recovery period after serious illnesses, with fruit and honey in case of anemia, in case of slow increasing of body weight.

Although walnuts are extremely rich in calories, the regular use of a small amount of these nuts has good effect on functioning of our organism and reduces the disease risk. Also they help people to overcome insomnia.

Healing properties of walnuts were known in ancient times. Unripe fruit and fresh leaves are used in medicine. For example, in folk medicine they are used in case of ulcers or skin diseases. Walnuts avert thrombus formation in arteries and veins, prevent heart diseases, improve attention and memory concentration, strengthen nervous system, help in case of depression, insomnia and reduce risk of cancer. Walnut shell is used in case of high blood pressure.

These nuts serve as good means in cosmetology for beauty; they make the skin, nails and hair better. Above-mentioned pigment juglone enriches color of our hair. To get dark color hair is washed with decoction from leaves. Products of peanut oil processing are used in perfumery industry. Walnut oil is used for high-quality decorative paint production. Also we can meet walnuts in printing industry.

However, keep in mind that vegetables, fruit bushes, legumes and other plants grow slowly under the walnut crown. Leaves of nuts are poisonous even for insects. But on the other hand walnut seeds are harmless and even very useful. Walnut kernels are eaten fresh (raw) as delicacies and dry. They are frequently used in confectionery production. The oil getting by cold pressing is yellow light-colored and has nutritional value.

Long ago Herodotus asserted that this tree and its fruit possess a special vitality. Avicenna recommended walnuts in case of pulmonary tuberculosis, advised to use them with honey. In east medicine it is considered that walnut can strengthen the most important organs of our body: brain, heart and liver. Long since these nuts were used for recovery after serious diseases. The modern scientific researches confirmed the fact that ancient doctors were right considering the nut to be the champion among health-giving plants. It was found out that just walnut contains the largest quantity of antioxidants which protect organism from illnesses.

Walnuts are a guarantee of a good sleep at night, they guard heart, make our memory better, reduce the disease risk. They are considered to be a “brain food”. Therefore, no doubts, walnuts must be an integral part of our dietary intake.