Drying walnut (Not a split)

Обладнання для горіхів

Обладнання для горіхів

Обладнання для горіхів

Simple and economic equipment running

High reliability and long-term service life

The volume of each tank loading 2 ton

Fully self-contained operation of each tank

There is the ability of quick temperature increase and rapid nut mixing for moisture excess drying after «nuts wash» equipment.

Low power consumption (at the expense of automation, frequency regulators allow moderate or aggressive type of drying) to 50kW per 10ton and (up-to-date pyrolized solid boiler) about 0,5m3 per 10ton of fuel.

There is the ability to connect water heating and heating of the manufactory to the boiler for domestic needs.

Individual approach to control cabinet installation (control of conveyors, augers, etc.)

The drying agent (air) is heated to a predetermined fixed temperature from room temperature to 30-70 0C. Heated air evenly blows on nuts with fans.

Stable high quality – 90-95% of vitamins are kept in dried foodstuffs (nut quality is much higher than the State Standard requires).

Production has passed all testing according to State Standard requirements. With a wide range of solid fuel boilers you can choose boilers for heating (drying) practically for any purposes.

Employees are qualified specialists who are ready to help Customer in selecting of the necessary equipment (solid fuel boilers) from the lineup provided according to the customer’s requirements.

Обладнання для горіхів


SE “SDTB IPS NASU” has been carrying on designing and its technological equipment production for industrial walnut processing for more than 10 years. Our equipment is supplied to more than 15 European countries, Asia and Middle East.


 1 - Rotor-type calibrator-classifier “NRS-4M” is used for sorting of walnuts by sizes according to ГОСТ 16832-71. The machine can be completed with working rotor drums of other sizes of vents for other foodstuff (hazelnut, chestnut etc.) calibration.

- The working efficiency of machine depends on the rotary speed of rotor drums and varies from 350 to 1200 kg/h (depending on the fraction number and necessary calibration thoroughness).

- Number of calibrating sections of working rotor drum- 4.

- Sizes of calibrating vents of working rotor drum (for walnut calibration): 20, 25, 30 and 40mm (or by custom design).

- Rotary speed of working rotor drum is controlled with electronic controller in the range from 1 to 30 revolutions per minute.

- Supply voltage – 220 V. Power consumption – 1200W.

- Machine weight – 472 kg. Overall sizes – 5150 х 2220 х 1070 mm.



 3 - The machine is used for walnut shelling on processing industry enterprises.

- The working efficiency of machine – 270 walnuts per minute (~ 200 kg/h).

- The machine has mechanisms of clearance spaces adjustment among hammers (from 0 to 5 mm) and weight of blow of hammers for effective walnut cracking of various fractions (walnut calibration is not required before shelling with the machine).

- Power supply characteristics: supply voltage (380 ± 22) V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz.

-  Power consumption – 1,6 kW at most.

- Machine overall sizes: 725 х 905 х 1690 mm.

- Machine weight: 360 kg (without container).


-Chamber “SKO-022” is used for drying of walnut kernels, fruit, vegetables and other alimentary products, the temperature of drying process can vary from 30 to 70оС. For this purpose dunnage pallets are set with meshes made from polyamide materials that are allowed to use in touch with alimentary products.

The main technical characteristics of the chamber:

- Temperature control range in the chamber: from (20 ± 10)оС to 70оС;

- Dunnage pallet number in the chamber: 22 units;

- Dunnage pallet total area – 13,5 m2, volume – 0,68 m3;

-The full chamber charging with walnut: 200-250 kg depending on the fraction size;

- Maximum power consumption: 6,55 kW (including power consumed by thermoelectrical heaters – 6 kW);

- Power supply characteristics: supply voltage (380 ± 22) V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz.

- Machine overall sizes: (1409 х 1100 х 2285) mm;

- Weight: 420 kg.



- Drying chamber “SКО-022-90″ is used for drying of fruit, vegetables and other alimentary products with high initial humidity. The temperature of drying process can vary from 30 to 90оС. Chamber “SКО-022-90” differs from the other models SKO by its redoubled heating power and two levels of automatic control of drying technological conditions.
The main technical characteristics of the chamber:- Temperature control range in the chamber: from (20 ± 10)оС to 90оС;- chamber charging is the same as in «SКО-022» ;- Maximum power consumption: 12,55 kW on the first control level and 6,55 kW on the second control level;- Power supply characteristics: supply voltage (380 ± 22) V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz.- Machine overall sizes: (1409 х 1100 х 2285) mm;- Weight: (420 ± 10) kg.



- The working efficiency of machine – 850 kg/h (mean value for walnut kernels).

- Supply voltage – 380 V. Power consumption – 3,5 kW.

- Machine weight – 800 kg.

- Overall sizes (including aspirator): 3957 х 2596 х 2563 mm.

-Vibrosieve-calibrator is used for fractions separation by sizes and walnut kernels cleaning from admixtures according to ГОСТ 16833-71. Calibration (fractions separation by sizes) and other alimentary products cleaning are possible with analogous sieves changing of other sizes of cells.

- For walnut kernels calibration 3 changeable sieves of 18, 8 and 4х25 mm sells sizes are installed (it is possible to install sieves of other sizes of calibration cells), as well as fixed sieve of 2х16 mm size cells.

- Two powerful electrovibrators «IV-104B-6» make some vibration. The electrovibrator control allows changing the vibration amplitude.

- Electromagnet EМК-2 as vibrofeeder supplies product from bins.

- Industrial aspiration plant (aspirator) «VU-3200» with 2,25 kW power consumption is used for product cleaning from rubbish.

- The enterprise also produces small-sized model of vibrosieve-calibrator “VSC-2N” in two variants to work with supply voltage from 380 V or 220V.

-The product yield from calibrator can be proceeded on the assembly belt line or in special capacities.

- The working efficiency of machine – 500 kg/h.

- Machine weight – 500 kg.

- Overall sizes (including aspirator): 2648 х 2500 х 2400 mm.


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