The corporation ‘EXIM GROUP’ has been carrying on export-import business for about 10 years. Recently walnut processing has become one of the areas of the company development. The private enterprise ‘Levkut’ which is a part of the corporation and fully serves to work with walnuts was set up at the end of 2012.

A complete industrial cycle of walnut processing was set up on the basis of above-mentioned enterprise, starting from sorting of whole nuts and finishing with filtration and walnut kernel packing. The total area of industrial and storage rooms is over 3500 square meters.

The main task of the company is the quality of our production. During work and kernel delivery we follow all the state standards and requirements connected with walnut kernel work, such as:


-       ГОСТ 16832-71

In order to ensure the quality of shelled kernels processing, we use the equipment which is totally certified and produced by professionals, who have been working on the production and development for years.

The end-product of our company is walnut kernel which is supplied to our customers all over Ukraine and abroad.

Our product is kept exceptionally in refrigerators to assure our customers high quality and compliance of all conditions. Walnut kernels should be compulsory packed in vacuum packing for kernel moisture saving for 6-7% providing the shipping with the help of containers.


Except the complete cycle of walnut production, we also offer our services in a partial work and processing, some of which are:

-       Sorting of whole nuts;

-       Cracking of whole nuts;

-       Selection and grading by sizes from 1\8 to 1\2;

-       Shelling;

-       Filtration and walnut kernel peeling.

In spite of the fact that our main production consists of 6 clear types of walnut kernel:

-       Extra Class 1\2;

-       Extra Class 1\4;

-       I Class 1\2;

-       I Class 1\4;

-       II Class 1\2;

-       II Class 1\8;

we also shape kernel mixes with the above-mentioned items by customer’s demand.

At present we closely collaborate with Ukrainian confectionary companies and traders in Europe and Asia about walnut selling.

We are the members of Ukrainian non-government organization ‘Ukrainian Walnut Association’. This organization is also one of the partners of our company.

We will be glad to collaborate with the new customers. Our company ensures the high quality of production, timely delivery terms, the shortest terms of customs clearance.