Box tipper PKH


Box tilter has been designed for unloading of boxes (containers) and others, including unloading of boxes with walnuts into a screw conveyor hopper for further supply of raw materials for processing in a processing line (calibration, washing, packaging, etc.)

The main advantage of the equipment is its reliability, as the tipper is made of high quality materials and is designed for a long service life.


This machine can be made both from ferrous metals and from food stainless steel.

This is a metal (hull) structure with a rotating frame, which is powered by a hydraulic mini-station. During this process the unloading of the box (container) is carried out into the tank of technological lines for further transportation.

The sizes of tipper can be agreed with the client.


Depends on the speed of box unloading ranges from 5 to 60 seconds, depending on the weight and power of the hydraulic mini-station, which is agreed with the client


  • Box dimensions for unloading by the rotating frame 1100 * 1100 * 1300 (agreed with the client);
  • Power supply parameters: voltage (380 ± 22) V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz;
  • Power consumption: not greater than 4 kW;
  • Dimensions: not greater than 3000 x 2500 x 2000 mm (may vary depending on the needs of the Client in terms of the size of container);
  • Weight: up to 1500 kg depending on the agreed sizes.


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